The Sound of Mainstream, Inclusive Christianity

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Daily Office Radio is a voice of mainstream, inclusive Christianity – the Jesus Movement of the past, present and future! We broadcast 24/7/365, featuring eclectic Christian music of all genres – hymns and chorales, contemporary, jazz, Gospel, country, Native American, LGBT choruses, just about everything – as well as play-on-demand Evening Prayer, Compline, Elizabeth Jones’ Speaking of Faith podcast, Tuesdays with Tom inspiration, Clint Gilliland’s They Have Names military and peace ministry – and more.

Our prayer services are mostly Bible and non-sectarian. The liturgy, psalms and prayers come from the Book of Common Prayer and other accepted texts, and lessons come from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. We are Protestant, Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Pentecostal and 100% Label-Free. When you need prayer in a hurry – on your schedule, not someone else’s – come to us. Listen on our site or download us to go.








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